Introducing The Diamond Lifestyle

Seamheaded has always included baseball, softball, and their respective cultures as the embodiment of what we’ve referred to as “the baseball lifestyle”. Unfortunately, calling it the “baseball” lifestyle doesn’t exactly make this point clear. That’s why we want to change things up a little - at least in nominal terms. Take, for instance, this excerpt from Wikipedia’s entry on Lifestyle Brands:

“Lifestyle brands seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of making their products contribute to the definition of the consumer's way of life.”

We’ve always felt that we carry out this ideal inclusive of both baseball and softball, particularly because the values and cultures of both sports don’t simply overlap - they’re often one in the same. But the term “baseball lifestyle”, we believe, can be alienating to a key target group; you guessed it - softball players, enthusiasts, coaches, and fans. And trust us, we’ve learned that there are A LOT. Whether we’re talking about Jennie Finch, Jocelyn Alo, or the folks on your dad’s company team - softball is a sport enjoyed by millions of people, on and off the field, on the diamond and in the seats.

That’s why we’re really excited to officially call ourselves the first Diamond Lifestyle Brand. You probably know what we mean, but if you don’t, we’ll run through it in a single sentence.

The Diamond Lifestyle is the embodiment of the games we play and watch that take place on the diamond - the first, second, third, home plate kind of diamond.

So, is Seamheaded a baseball lifestyle brand?


Is Seamheaded a softball lifestyle brand?


How’s that work?

Simple math:

Baseball Lifestyle Brand + Softball Lifestyle Brand = Diamond Lifestyle Brand

And we hope you continue to enjoy everything we have to offer.

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