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  • Clutch Women's Tee from Seamheaded
  • Clutch Women's Tee from Seamheaded
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Clutch Women's Tee

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Another shirsey for you! This time it's all about coming through in the CLUTCH! And this doesn't necessarily apply only to the baseball or softball diamonds; need to get a paper done at the last minute? Does your boss need a project on their desk by EOD? Whatever the situation, when the pressure is on, we all need to be able to come through in the clutch - so this tee is for those situations. Few things feel better than a clutch hit - on and off the field.

    Women's T-Shirt
    slimmer fit
    A B C
    S 24 in 17 in 6.0 in
    M 25 in 18 in 6.5 in
    L 27 in 19 in 7.0 in
    XL 28 in 21 in 7.2 in
    2XL 29 in 23 in 7.5 in
    3XL 30 in 25 in 7.7 in